We Opened Up Our Own Garage

When my brother and I decided to open up our own car garage, we knew that we would need to have all of our ducks in a row, so to speak. He took care of most of the paperwork because that is the sort of thing he enjoys while I took care of acquiring customers through advertising as well as making sure we had the proper type of insurance. We knew that we were going to hire a quantity of men, so we looked at motortradeinsurance.tripod.co.uk for our insurance needs. Since one of our specialties is fixing up used and wrecked cars to resell, we knew that we would need to make sure that our insurance was valid for every mechanic and driver that we were going to have. I had looked at quite a few companies on their own, but it was not until I had found the Motor Trade Insurance website that everything started to come together for us. From there, I was able to make all of my queries at once. It was nice being able to compare the different features that each company offers, and I was able to get instant quotes that way too. That was several months ago, and it was a very easy process to get everything started since my brother took care of the majority of the paperwork. I showed him the insurance company that I wanted to go with, and he arranged for that too. We have been open for nearly two months now, and we have more business than we can handle. It makes us both feel good that not only are we providing jobs to our friends and neighbors, but we are also offering a great service to everyone else in town too. It is our dream come true.

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