Guide for Buying Home Insurance in Ireland

I am going to try to buy home insurance for a house that I just purchased in Ireland. I really wish that I did not make the purchase, but I felt that it was the best decision available to me at the time. My son has become convinced that he needs to live in Ireland, so I bought him a house there. I want to find an irish home insurance guide, because if I am going to own a house in the country of Ireland, then it would be nice to try to protect the investment. I figure, once my son grows tired of living in a foreign country, he will want to move back to the United States. I think that will only take a few years, and after that, he will grow home sick. I guess that I am not going to try to worry too much about what he will do. If he wants to come, then he will come back, and if he doesn’t, then he will stay there. I wanted to buy him the house, because it made more sense than letting him continue to rent out a place at a ridiculous price. It makes a lot more sense to me anyway.

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