Almost Ready to Open the New Garage

Looking at getting some motor trade insurance right now, or getting some new coverage to satisfy the Queen’s government. I think they help you at this site here,, but I am going to want to get a very good price. Of course I do not have Liam any more and I had to close the old shop in order to settle accounts with his widow and their kids. The business was on sound ground at the time, but I could not personally afford to buy them out and Liam left a great big mess for his family to sort out. There just was nothing we could do except sell the place for the best price that we could and split the proceeds. In fact we lucked into a buyer and then a rival, the two of them pumped up the sale price enough so that everyone came out of it relatively well off. Better for me they were only interested in the land and had no use for the tools and equipment in the garage, so we sold all of the stuff I could not keep and I paid Lily for half of the rest. I will need to add some equipment when I get ready, but I have a nice lot. It is not very far from the Motor way and it sits upon a crossroads which gets a good bit of traffic. I am going to specialize in English Sports cars obviously and just not worry too much about any at all about doing much else right now. If the business starts to grow, then we might start worrying about expanding into more modern cars and trucks. It is not so easy to focus on such a small segment of the market, but of course you have to do what we are good at doing.

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